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If I could sum up my experience with BUMP & BEYOND in one word, it would be patient, but there are so many other ways to describe the birthing classes provided by BUMP & BEYOND. As this was our first time becoming parents, we wanted to seek out the knowledge from experts in the field on how to reduce pain, fear, and labour time as much as possible.

BUMP & BEYOND was more than patient with our questions and laid out a plan week-by-week on what to expect leading up to the birth of our daughter, during labour and after taking our bundle home. The classes were very interactive and both my husband andI enjoyed and felt comfortable enough to ask any questions we had.


As BUMP & BEYOND’s first clients, we were thankful for someone who is not only professional but compassionate in response, instruction and guidance. We could not have done labour without the knowledge we gained during those weeks of classes and we are thankfulfor our journey into parenthood with BUMP & BEYOND.


My wife and I are both having our first pregnancy. We read an astronomical amount but still were not at complete peace that we were as ready as we could or should be.

This is where Bump and Beyond made the difference. They were able confirm or debunk the things we read, as  she is a qualified and registered midwife. No third hand information here.  And she presented all her materials in a hands on practical way.


As my wife and I are educators, we know quality instruction and we received it from Bump and Beyond.

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I am very glad we decided to attend classes with Bump and Beyond. Krystal's experience as a midwife and her knowledge made us feel at ease. We had millions of questions and she was willing and able to answer all of them.

When my birth plans changed on the birthday of our Carleigh, Krystal sent me some voicenotes prepping me so i would have an idea on what to expect and comforted me which was amazing!

I recommend her services 100%

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