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I decided to create Bump And Beyond due to the fact that the majority of patients coming to the delivery suit were very anxious, afraid or just unsure of what to expect during labor. Some support persons unsure of how to be an effective support person to the labouring mother.

Being anxious and afraid causes an increase in adrenaline which then slows the labor down and decreases the likelihood of expectant mothers having a labour that they can embrace.

I then recognized that those mothers who attended birthing classes or who made themselves informed about labour and what to expect were more in control of their labor and the labour was shorter. Who wouldn’t want to give themselves the opportunity to have a shorter labour time?

Join our Bump And Beyond Birthing Classes and let us help you.



Associate Degree in Applied Science (General Nursing)


Diploma in Midwifery 

Diploma in Doula Services 


Registered General Nurse 2009

Registered Midwife 2014

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