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Holding Your Hands Along The Way 

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Hi Moms,

Welcome to Bump and Beyond! Our goal is to not only to educate, but we seek to empower and, provide a comfortable pregnancy journey. Being pregnant can be difficult, lonely and overwhelming for some especially if it is a new journey. We are determined to assist you in overcoming these fears, feel confident, supported and empower you. We would like to help you navigate your path through pregnancy, birth and parenthood by providing adequate information, lending a supportive hand and generating a friendly community. I am really happy you have decided to be here and look foward to holding your hand along the way.


Maternity Classes

Our Classes are tailored for all.

If you are someone who loves interacting with others, signing up for our maternity class allows you to join our support group. This gives you a safe space, where you can meet other women and support persons like yourself, receive and share advice.

Life can become very hectic, which can result in not being able to attend scheduled group classes. 

Package 1   $450

A one-on-one class at our studio which is located in St. Thomas.


Package 2    Starting at $600 + base on location 

Classes are held in the comfort of your home. Save yourself the hassle of having to travel to get to the business. We will bring the business to you. This package fosters greater family involvement and engagement in the pregnancy process.

Packages 1 & 2 include a Handbook, Rental of birthing ball, 5 teaching Sessions, birth plan and 25% discount off our Breastfeeding consultation. 


Group Classes   $300

This packages affords you the opportunity to meet and interact with other expecting moms.

4 scheduled sessions, birth plan and 25% discount off our breastfeeding consultation.

Call us to inquire of our next start date.

Quick Birth $100

1 one-on-one session.Let us prepare you for this big day (delivery day).Step by step explanation   on what to expect. Walk into the hospital feeling ready.

This package is not available all year round, please call to inquire of availablity.


Mother Baby Bonding

Breastfeeding consultations 

Breastfeeding is the way nuture intended us to feed our babies, it is just a great start, but can be very difficult, especially in the beginning. A private  breastfeeding consultation can help you with reduction of pain associatined with breastfeeding ,provides advice and asistance with pumping ,back to work prepartion positioning ,low milk supply and engorge breast.

Consultations start at $70 per hour or part there of and price increases base on location.

Get Started

 1. Choose how you prefer to have the service - in your home or at our studio.

2. Contact us via email, or telephone:

Tel 571-2207 / 256-6562 so we can start your journey

3. Make a 50% deposit to confirm your booking (via online banking or cash. Details will be provided)

4. Start your classes and be on your way to a successful birth

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